Friday, September 28, 2007


Book 5 of the Cirque Du Freak series
by Darren Shan (5th+)

On his continuing journey into the world of vampires, Darren Shan has been taken to Vampire Mountain by Mr. Crepsley, the vampire who blooded him. The vampires decide to put Darren through the Trials of Initiation, which are normally only done by generals. Darren must take on the five tests and show the vampires that he is worthy and capable of becoming one of them. What they don’t tell him right away is that if he fails any of the five trials, he will be killed. These trials are designed to test vampire strength, willingness, and skills. They will be extremely tough. While Darren is working on passing the trials, another problem arises. Darren finds out that one of the vampires among them, whom they thought to be a good friend, is actually a traitor working with the vampaneze. One of the vampires is killed by this traitor and Darren finds himself on the run, trying to save himself so he can save Vampire Mountain. Will Darren make it through all of the trials alive and what will happen if he can warn Vampire Mountain about the traitor among them? Find out when you read Trials of Death, the fifth book in the Darren Shan saga-Cirque Du Freak.

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