Sunday, September 30, 2007


by Shirley Sterling (4th+)

Seepeetza is the name that Martha Stone is called at home on her ranch. As she turned six years old however, just as any other American Indian child, she is taken to an Indian residential boarding school where nothing of her Indian family can be kept. All of the Indian students at this school must cut their hair, they have to go by their English name, and they are not allowed to speak the language of their family or carry on any of the traditions. One of the only times that any of the children or Seepeetza are allowed to go home is at Christmas. The school is run by strict and unhappy nuns. The rules they must follow are biased and unfair,
and when broken their are severe consequences. This is the story of one girl among many American Indian children who were forced into residential boarding schools and how she dealt with everything that happened while there.

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