Sunday, September 30, 2007


by Jeff Brown (2nd+)

When Santa Claus refuses to go out and deliver toys this year because of all the greed and hate he has seen lately, his wife and his daughter are very worried. His daughter, Sarah, takes it upon herself to do something to help change his mind. Behind Santa’s desk, framed and hung on the wall, is a letter that Santa had really enjoyed getting from a young boy named Stanley Lambchop, who at one time had been flat. Sarah decides that if she can get Stanley to come and talk to her father, Santa, then maybe they can still save Christmas for everyone. So Stanley and his family are on another adventure, this time to the North Pole to talk with Santa Clause and to try and save Christmas. Will Stanley and his family be able to make Santa see that there is still good in the world and that he should still carry on with Christmas, delivering all of the presents as planned, or will Christmas be ruined this year? Read Stanley’s Christmas Adventure to find out.

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