Sunday, September 30, 2007


Book 3 of the Twitches series
by H.B. Gilmour (4th+)

Alex and Camryn, twin witches, are finally starting to work together with their magic more and more and it continues to bring them closer together. On the flip side though, the closer they get the further apart Camryn and her best friend are getting. Beth is in real need of her best friend right now and when Camryn is not there for her, she turns to an organization called helping hands. Both Alex and Camryn know that something is not right with this organization because of a run in they had with its leader, a woman named Ms. Webb. While this is taking place, the warlock Thantos, the girls uncle, is again playing tricks and luring the girls from each other, in order to destroy them. Will the girls be able to work together and once again defeat their uncle or will this tear them apart? Will the girls at the same time be able to help Beth get away from Helping Hands and stop the scam they have going? Read Seeing is Deceiving, the third book in the Twitches series to find out.

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