Sunday, September 30, 2007


by Joseph Bruchac (4th+)

In 1759 there was a war going on between the British and the French and the Abanaki tribe has joined on the side of the French. On a night of celebration, a whisper from the bushes warns a young man, Saxso, that the British are preparing to attack the Abanaki village that night. All of the Abanaki warriors, as well as their French partners, are out looking for the British and it seems the British has snuck in behind them. So, at the age of fourteen, Saxso must warn the village and help to get his mother and sisters out of harms way. After the British attack and everyone looks at the destruction that has been left behind, many find family members missing, including Saxso. His mother and sisters are nowhere to be found. When a woman from the tribe says she saw them being taken by the British as captives, Saxso sets out to track them and bring them back. While other Abanaki warriors have set out to find and kill the British, Saxso’s only goal is to find his family and return them to the village safely. Will he be able to track down his mother and sisters in time and will he survive to return to the village with them? To find out read this thrilling story of one young man and his journey to rescue his family.

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