Sunday, September 30, 2007


by Joseph Bruchac (2nd+)

Crazy Horse was not born Crazy Horse. His name when he was younger was Curly for his head of curly hair. As Curly grew older he found himself leading and helping others. When the white people began to move across Lakota land trouble began to brew and the Lakota chief was killed. At this point Curly decided he needed to do something, so he went on a spiritual quest for a vision to help him understand. As he later learned, his vision was one of him again helping and leading the Lakota people. When told of this vision, Curly’s father Tashunka Witco (or Crazy Horse in English) passed on his name to his son. So Curly became Crazy Horse, leader and defender of the Lakota people. His name stood for the bravest of all the Lakotas.

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