Friday, September 28, 2007


Book 2 of the Cirque Du Freak series
by Darren Shan (5th+)

In this second book to Darren Shan’s amazing journeyhe is carrying out his duties as Lentin Crepsley’s half human, half vampire assistant. Along this journey Darren is fighting against drinking the blood of a human and instead chooses to drink that of animals. However, without human blood he will not be able to stay alive much longer. Already his powers are weakening and he is becoming sick. Besides, working up the stomach to drink human blood he is also on a quest to find friends. Amazingly, he ends up back with the Cirque Du Freak where he makes two new friends, one of which is human. Everything is great until tragedy strikes the friends in the form of an environmentalist named R.V. Will Darren be able to get past drinking the blood of a human so that he may survive? What happens when his human friend and the Cirque Du Freak get too close to one another?

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