Sunday, September 30, 2007


by S.D. Nelson (2nd+)

A young boy in a Lakota camp is given a “Gift Horse” from his father. This horse, which he names Storm because of its color and markings, is to become his best friend. The Lakota people name this young man Flying Cloud because of the clouds of dust he and Storm leave behind them everywhere they go. While Flying Cloud moves from boyhood into manhood, Storm is always there. When a group of Crow warriors one night steals some of the Lakota horses, including Storm, the Lakotas as well as Flying Cloud are furious. They go on a raid to not only get their horses back but to also steal as many of the Crow horses as they possibly can. When Flying Cloud and his “Gift Horse” are reunited they continue to create memories that will live with the Lakota people.

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