Friday, September 28, 2007


by O.T. Nelson (6th+)

A virus has spread throughout the city, killing all above the age of 12, leaving no adults and many children to try and survive. Left to fend for themselves, many of these children turn towards gangs in order to stay alive. Supplies
have become very hard to get because everything that could be of any use has been looted. Houses have been broken into, as well as stores, with everything being taken. As these child gangs become worse and begin to attack other small families of children, one girl sees something that needs to be done. Lisa, aten-year-old girl looking after her younger brother Todd, takes it upon herself to become the leader on her street. She organizes all of the child families on her street and offers to help find supplies for everyone, if they will all help to protect what is found. However, as the gangs become more violent and resort to burning down houses and such, Lisa sees that she must do something different in order to protect her people. In her mind she has constructed a fortress in which to lead her people so they will be safe, protected. The place she has in mind is one where not only can the children be safe but they will also continue to learn how to survive. When this fortress becomes a reality, Lisa leads her people into starting a new life and a new world. Find out what happens as Lisa and the other children fight for their lives and a new community in which to live by reading The Girl Who Owned a City by O.T. Nelson.

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