Sunday, September 30, 2007


Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow Series #7
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

Jack and his crew have now decided that after all of the treasure hunting and battles they need to take a little break. They end up sailing back to New Orleans for some much needed rest. When they sail into the port at New Orleans they find yet another problem and adventure to come. The entire city has been covered in precious metal-gold. Everything is gold! They soon find also that the city is now ruled by a woman named Madame Minuit. Along with another ships crew, Jack and his find themselves in another battle to take back the city of New Orleans from Madame Minuit and return it to its normal state. Can these two crews work together and defeat Madame Minuit or will the city of New Orleans stay forever covered in gold? Find the answer when you read City of Gold by Rob Kidd.

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