Sunday, September 23, 2007


An Opus Christmas Story
by Berkeley Breathed (K+)

Opus is a penguin whose only wish is to fly. He can’t fly though because penguins were not made to fly. He tries everything he can think of including ordering a flying machine he sees on television, but its not use. He still can’t fly. Then he has this wonderful idea to write a note to Santa asking to be able to fly on Christmas morning. So Christmas Eve, Opus leaves a note welcoming Santa and he goes to bed, awaiting the morning when he will be able to fly. In the middle of the night though, something happens that could ruin Christmas for everyone around the world and Opus finds himself being pulled from his bed to help. Is Opus able to save Christmas and will he find out that even though he can’t fly, he is a penguin and can do something even better? Read A Wish for Wings that Work by Berkeley Breathed.

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