Sunday, September 30, 2007


by Simon J. Ortiz (4th+)
Written in Keres, English, and Spanish

This tale begins with a village named Oak Place and the drought problem the village was having. The village no longer received any water or snow. All plants, and food that was planted were dying. Even the Oak trees for which the village was named were beginning to die without water. The people of the village held a meeting to try and figure out why they were no longer getting any water from their streams or lakes. One older woman suggested sending two young boys up the mountain to speak with the Shiwana, spirit of rain and snow, to tell her of their troubles without water. On their journey the two brothers chosen, encounter high winds, dry lands where nothing is living, tall mountains, and hardest of all-a deep canyon filled with molten lava that halts their journey forward. While thinking of how to get across the lava pit, the youngest brother notices a blind woman heading right for the pit. He saves her and in turn she helps him make a rainbow bridge across the canyon. The brothers continue their journey with new and sacred knowledge.

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