Sunday, September 30, 2007


Book 1 of the Series of Unfortunate Events
by Lemony Snicket (3rd+)

The Bad Beginning is the beginning of the long adventure of the Baudelaire children-Sunny, Klaus, and Violet. These three children lose their parents in a fire and are sent to live with an uncle that they have never even heard of. When first meeting this uncle, Count Olaf, they find him to be very strange. A the days go by and they are forced to live with him, they find that he is also very cruel. The kids are made to do long lists of chores, they are locked in the house, and they are not aloud to do anything that might bother him. The only reason he is having them stay with him is to get the money that their parents left behind. When he finds out that the only way he can get that money is by their death or Violets marriage, he tries both ways to get his hands on it. We leave the Baudelaire children running from relative to relative while Count Olaf chases after them, determined to have that money. Read book 2-The Reptile Room-in the Series of Unfortunate Events to find out what danger the Baudelaire children will face next.

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