Sunday, September 23, 2007


by Michelle Knudsen (K+)

Have you ever seen a lion in a library? Well, in this story the lion comes to the library every day. He helps out with chores like dusting books and helping young children get books from up high. He also loves to sit through storytime with the children and listen to all of the stories that are read. He has one problem though, sometimes he forgets about the library rules. Such as when he ROARS! really loudly in the library even though you are supposed to talk quietly. He finally learns to follow the rules but then he has to break them in order to help a friend. Knowing that he has broken a library rule he leaves and doesn’t come back. Everyone misses him. Do you think the library lion will come back? Do you think he will get into trouble for breaking the rules to help a friend? Read LibraryLion by Michelle Knudsen to find out if the lion is welcome back in the library after he broke one of the rules?

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