Sunday, September 23, 2007


by Sara Pennypacker (3rd+)

Clementine didn’t understand why she got in trouble after trying to help Margaret fix her hair. The only way to get the glue out was to cut it, so that’s what they did. This is just one of Clementine’s many ideas that get her sent to the principals office. She visits their quite often for these very exciting ideas of hers. After the cutting of Margaret’s hair, Margaret tells Clementine that she is the hard one in her family-the one who is always getting into trouble. When Clementine hears her parents talking one night, she thinks that they are going to get rid of her and keep only her brother-the easy one. She has to come up with a way in which she can convince her parentsthat she can be good and they should keep her. Did Clementine hear right? Are her parents going to get rid of her? And can she be good or will her wonderful ideas continue to get her into trouble? Find out what happens to her when you read Clementine by Sara Pennypacker.

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