Sunday, September 23, 2007


A Neverland Adventure
by Dave Barry (3rd+)

Little Scallop, princess of Mollusk Island is bored. She wants an adventure. Her father is the chief of her tribe and is always busy. Her brothers are old enough now that they can go out and spy on the pirates. Even though her father has told her not to go too far from shore, Little Scallop and her twin mermaid friends Surf and Aqua decide to go hunting for pearls. Instead they end up finding trouble and Surf is kidnapped. Little Scallop calls on the help of the dolphins, mermaids, and the Lost Boys. Can they save Surf in time or will it be too late? Join the Little Scallop and her friends in this adventure to save the mermaid, Surf. Read Escape from the Carnivale, a Neverland Book, written by Dave Barry.

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