Sunday, September 23, 2007


by Rebecca Rupp (5th+)

What happens to something when it is lost? Well, apparently it ends up on the moon. This is what Alex finds out when he meets a strange woman in the library. He mentions how he is in trouble for constantly worrying about time and not doing his schoolwork. Then he tells her that he has also lost his grandfathers pocket watch, which his parents don’t know about. The woman tells Alex that the only way of getting the watch back is to travel to the moon, where all lost things go, find it, and bring it back. He only has a little time though. If he doesn’t find it in the time he has, then he will be trapped on the moon until the next blue moon comes around. On his journey Alex meets many people who are also searching and they help each other to find their lost items so they may each return to their own time. Find out what happens to lost items and if Alex makes it home with his pocket watch when you read Journey to the Blue Moon by Rebecca Rupp.

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