Sunday, September 23, 2007


by Cynthia Kadohata (5th+)

Sumiko is a young Japanese girl who has never known a life other than looking after her younger brother and working on her families flower farm. This is the life she loves and she loves her job working with the flowers. She dreams of one day having a flower farm of her own. But when the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor Sumikofinds everything change. It does not matter that Sumiko and most of her family are Japanese Americans who are living in California. Her family is split apart. She, her brother, aunt, and uncles are sent to live in an internment camp, Poston which also happens to be on an Indian reservation. While trying to survive and deal with the hatred of the Japanese, Sumiko meets and becomes friends with a Mohave Indian boy. Read Weedflower for the story of this young girls life in an internment camp and what happens with her family and friends.

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